Teacher Training

GTTP teacher-training courses on the global curriculum, PASSPORT TO THE WORLD, and on student assessment methodologies have been delivered to teachers in Brazil, Hungary, India, Jamaica, Kenya, Russia, and South Africa. These are in addition to regular teacher training sessions provided by each country program.

The GTTP assessment approach utilizes portfolios prepared by the students, and the GTTP provides teacher training in this methodology.

GTTP’s PASSPORT course has been updated and is now available online on the FutureLearn platform. It will be offered throughout the year, and each time the course will be open for ten weeks to give maximum scheduling flexibility for GTTP schools.  The course, now called: INTRODUCTION TO TRAVEL & TOURISM: PASSPORT TO THE WORLD, has sixteen sessions.  The  course is free, but individuals can pay a small fee in order to have unlimited access to the course materials.

A guide to using this online course called, “Using Passport in the Classroom,” can be downloaded here.