Like with so many other things across the globe, the programme of GTTP competitions has looked very different in 2020.

The photography competition will continue and will be run by our Regional Director in Jamaica – the deadline for entries is October 2020.

Both the travel writing and sustainability competitions are on hold, so keep a close eye on our social media feeds to keep up to date with changes as they happen.

The competitions are open to all GTTP students.

GTTP Research Competition

This research competition is going ahead using Covid-19 as a source of inspiration.

In previous years, students have researched a travel & tourism opportunity or issue in their local or national area.

Participating students are asked to consider creative ways to express how their own community has dealt with Covid-19 and the ways in which tourism has been reshaped as a result.

GTTP Travel Photo Competition

This travel photo competition is still being run and is designed to showcase a special aspect of a student’s community to people who have never been there.  The photo can be on any subject but should make the viewer want to visit.

GTTP Travel Writing Competition

This essay competition helps individual students develop research, writing and photographic techniques. Keep a close eye on social media if you are interested in this competition. 

Sustainability Competition

In the past, GTTP has sponsored a competition which focuses on sustainability, not just in travel and tourism but in our everyday lives. Keep an eye on social media to see when this competition will return.