What we do

We work to inspire and enable young people to build successful careers in travel and tourism, one of the world’s most thriving economic sectors, supporting one in 10 jobs worldwide.

For most travel and tourism businesses, their people are their greatest asset. This is because success depends on how front line employees interact with customers and provide a great experience.

As an industry, we are encouraging the brightest and the best talent to choose a career with us. So, we make as many young people as possible aware of the broad range of roles available.


  • Promote career opportunities in travel and tourism with students while they are still at school and provide access to online training.
  • Fund GTTP programmes across the world which help shape the curriculum in schools, colleges or universities so that young people have the opportunity to build the relevant skills and experience.
  • Train teachers so they understand our industry better when preparing young people for a career in our sector.
  • Provide young people with a taste of what it is really like working in travel and tourism, through internships and work experience.
  • Offer recognition through competitions and awards.