Student Competitions

At the national level, the Travel & Tourism  courses taught in GTTP member countries emphasize student research,  team activities, and internships (work-study) at local businesses.
At a global level, GTTP’s global student competitions encourage research and communications skills. There are four student competitions:

GTTP Competitions

GTTP has four competitions: A Travel  Photo competition, a Travel Writing competition, a Research competition, and a Sustainability competition. The competitions are open to all GTTP students.

GTTP Research Competition

This competition requires student teams to research a Travel & Tourism opportunity or issue in their local or national context.  The winning school in each country sends a team to the GTTP International Student-Teacher Conference held each November in Nice, France. This competition is sponsored by the GTTP’s Global Partners and the Aldo Papone Endowment. For details, click here.

GTTP Travel Photo Competition: “Something Special”

The goal of the Digital Photo competition is to show a special aspect of a student’s community to people who have never been there.  The photo should make the viewer want to come visit.  Photographs could be of a historic building; a natural feature, such as a lake or mountain; an event, such as a procession; a local specialty, such as food; an activity or sport; a person or a group of people. For details, click here.

GTTP Travel Writing Competition

This essay competition reinforces the GTTP’s emphasis on developing an individual student’s research, writing and photographic skills. Students compete for national and international cash prizes.   For details, click here.

Sustainability Competition

GTTP is sponsoring a competition to focus on sustainability, not just in Travel & Tourism, but in our everyday lives. The competition is open to all GTTP students. You can visit the competition web site for details. Click here to go to the web site.

The web site has the competition rules, judging criteria and an entry form.

View the winners of the 2018 Sustainability Competition here.

Graduate Profiles

Click here to read about GTTP graduates and the many different careers they have chosen.

Photo Gallery

Take a look at GTTP students and teachers. If you are a GTTP student or teacher, send your photos of school projects to your GTTP Country Director so we can add them to our site.