Matt Stenton - Director GTTP New Zealand

Matt Stenton

GTTP New Zealand

Matt Stenton will be responsible for the establishment of GTTP in New Zealand through Go with Tourism, an online platform, and with various learning institutions / tourism businesses in New Zealand. He is one of Auckland’s leading senior project managers. Having led multiple youth entrepreneurial programmes and contributing to various steering groups and government boards in New Zealand, he brings an exciting and diverse set of experiences.

Matt’s motto is “Simple done well”, and he demonstrates this with his incredible ability to create simple solutions for complex problems. Combined with his cheeky personality and ability to get ‘stuff’ done, he’s a master of cutting through the ‘BS’ to get to the heart of the matter.

Matt is known for his extensive network and international tourism connections. In 2011 he helped shape Virgin Australia New Zealand by introducing their new service design methodology and establishing new ways to train the aircrew. In late 2014, he was instrumental in delivering Gulfstreams 100th G650ER into service in New Zealand.

Matt is now the Senior Project Manager for Go with Tourism at Auckland Tourism, Events & Economic Development (ATEED), an online platform that is not only changing the way people enter the tourism industry but also the perceptions surrounding the industry as a whole.

GTTP will be launching in in New Zealand in late January 2020, and if you’re keen to be involved or interested please contact Matt – [email protected]