2012 Photo Contest Winners

We had marvelous entries from the GTTP member countries. You may download a pdf view of all slides here.

The international winners were selected by judges from our Global Partners. Their comments are included.

A tie for first prize goes to:

A street in kőszeg,  ”jewel box”  of hungary,  a beautifully preserved medieval city. lídia horváth

A street in Kőszeg,  ”Jewel Box”  of Hungary,  a beautifully preserved medieval city.
Photo by: Lídia Horváth (Hungary)

And also to:

Waneskewin heritage park, saskatchewan, canada.  a special place for first nations people.  shelby johansson

Waneskewin Heritage Park, Saskatchewan, Canada.  A special place for First Nations people.  
Photo by: Shelby Johansson (Canada)

2nd Place Goes To:

Coastal hike from sundays river to kenton,  eastern cape, south africa. richard rautenbach

Coastal Hike from Sundays River to Kenton,  Eastern Cape, South Africa.
Photo by: Richard Rautenbach (South Africa)