2011 Photo Contest Winners

We had marvelous entries from the GTTP member countries. You may download a pdf view of all slides here. 

The international winners were selected by judges from our Global Partners. Their comments are included.

The first prize goes to:

The contrast between the ‘busy’ side of the river and the quieter, ‘green’ side makes this photograph interesting and unique. the quality of the image is excellent.

Southern China Water Village, China
by Wang Haiping
Because: The quality of the image is excellent. The subject is unusual and makes you want to visit this special place. Can there be any other place just like this? We don’t think so!

Second prize goes to:

The light captured in this image is wonderful. you are not sure what image is in the foreground and which is in the background. wonderful!

We Believe, Hungary
by Turi Adrienn
Because: The details in the image have been captured perfectly. The use of light has also been used wonderfully. A very inspiring image.