Students from China and South Africa captured the top prizes in the GTTP International Photo competition. First Prize went to Huang Dongbo, China, and second place went to Bianca Benade, South Africa. The entries this year were varied and imaginative.

The top photo winners in each country are shown in the power point you can download here. You will probably find a place you’d like to visit!

A good photo requires a good eye for composition — it depends on the photographer, not the camera. One of the winning photos was taken with a high end camera, and one was taken with a smart phone. Can you guess which is which?


First Place

The ancient city of Songyang, Zhejiang Province
Huang Dongbo of China managed to capture skillfully a brief moment when the scene was illuminated by rays of sunlight, then used a little digital enhancement to create this vista of city, fields and mountains.

Southern Ground-Hornbill

Second Place

Southern Ground-Hornbill, Kruger National Park
Bianca Benade of South Africa has created a carefully composed image that offers fine details of eye, skin and feathers that combine to suggest a creature with a strong personality.