Student Research Competition

Each year the GTTP holds a competition for the best school research project and this year, even allowing for everything that is going on globally, is going to be no different.

Indeed, rather than use Covid-19 as an unwelcome distraction, we have decided to embrace it and use it as a source of inspiration.

So, the theme for the 2019-20 Student Research Competition will be Covid and Community Tourism.

Participating students are asked to consider creative ways to express how their own community has dealt with Covid-19 and the ways in which tourism has been reshaped as a result.

Research findings can be presented in a variety of imaginative ways, using posters, for example, or building models, maybe putting something down to music. Directors could organise a workshop where students are given a challenge and asked to come up with innovative ways of finding a solution.

The winning students will pre-record their work and then forward it to be shown at next year’s conference where global partners will talk to them about their research.