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Your company can become a local, a national or a Global Partner of the GTTP.  It is worth doing:

  • Becoming a business partner with education is a way to give back to the communities in which you operate.
  • Becoming a partner is also a way to interact with your peers in the industry.

Partners provide real-time industry information to schools, and help ensure that students are learning skills that will help them go from secondary school to entry-level jobs, or to further education. Both parties’ benefit.  Students are introduced to career options, internships, work experience, and gain confidence in the process. Companies are helping to address the skills needed to find employment, especially focused on more marginalised communities. 

Local and national partners provide access to their workplaces for teachers and students, volunteer in classrooms, provide in-kind support (from bus passes for students, to tickets to attractions, to hotel rooms for visiting teachers) and, if feasible, financial support. To join at a local or national level, please contact the GTTP Country Director listed under your country on our Country Members page.

Global Partners make a financial contribution to the GTTP and are represented on the Advisory Board, which provides strategic guidance. If you are interested in becoming a Global Partner, along with Amadeus, American Express Global Business Travel, Carlson Family Foundation, CWT,  Marriott International and WTTC please contact Anne Lotter, Executive Director, GTTP.

2 thoughts on “Become a Partner”

  1. We are a taxi company based in holland/amsterdam
    We have 13 years experience and we have freelance driver in the fleet.
    We can do all the riden from you

  2. I am Ananda Seneviratne living at Hikkaduwa , Sirilanka.
    Hikkaduwa is a famous tourist destination. So I started a homestay
    in my colonial era house which is near to the sea for tourists.
    Tourists like it because it is very near to the sea and a clam pure vegetarian homestay which is close to the Railway station and to the super markets.
    I want to expan it. I have land of my own to buid few more rooms.
    Since I do not have money to build. I am searching for a partner who can start and will share the profits.
    So I would be thankful to you if you could help me or to introduce me to a partner who is interested in tourism business.I am on whatsap
    Good day to you.
    Ananda Seneviratne.

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