GTTP South Africa

South Africa introduced Tourism as a school subject in high schools in 1996. Today more than 360 000 students study the subject as part of the national curriculum in grade 10-12. More than 4 000 teachers teach the subject in more than 2 700 schools across the country. The aim of the GTTP South Africa is to create tourism awareness opportunities and exposure to the tourism industry for Tourism students in South African high schools, develop additional learning material to supplement Tourism text books, as well as facilitating opportunities for international travel and exchange programs. It further aims to develop Tourism teacher capacity in high schools in South Africa, create opportunities to expose Tourism teachers to the tourism industry and develop learning and teaching support material to be used for Tourism education in high schools.

Tourism students are given opportunities for awareness and exposure to the industry through annual research, photo and travel writing competitions and subsequent educational trips for winners sponsored by Global Partners. The program also facilitates participation in global student-teacher activities. The GTTP South Africa’s website offers essential information regarding career opportunities in tourism, funding for studies, career pathways, internships and entrepreneurship.  (Website:

The program renders support to a multitude of Tourism teachers through newly developed learning and teaching material to supplement the national curriculum. It furthermore creates linkages with industry and opportunities for teacher development and capacitation through training sessions such as student assessment methodologies , in many instances with in-kind and financial support from Global Partners. Tourism teachers in South Africa have access to the international GTTP curriculum “Passport to the World” to assist with curriculum implementation in the classroom. The GTTP Certification program, endorsed by the Institute of Travel & Tourism (ITT) and the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC), certifies students who have successfully completed the PASSPORT curriculum in addition to the Tourism curriculum offered in government schools. The GTTP South Africa works together with other GTTP member countries in the sharing of ideas and experiences that can improve its own operations.

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the director, GTTP South Africa, is:

  • Elsabe Engelbrecht

  • Contact details:

    P.O. Box 3237, Upington , 8800, Northern Cape Province, South Africa

  • Mobile: +27 726491800
    Landline: +27 54 3376340
    Fax: +27 866 560 981

  • Email: