GTTP Russia is housed at Junior Achievement Russia (JAR) and has grown rapidly since it became part of JAR in 2004.

There were 32 classes in Moscow and St Petersburg in the original programme – now we run classes all the way from the Baltic to Vladivostok with over 160,000 students in more than 2,000 schools studying the new curriculum.

GTTP Russia provides extensive teacher training and support throughout our regional network, offering a high-quality programme that has been tried and tested across Russia.

As part of the GTTP, we offer students access to international activities and materials. These include a strong e-learning component based on the Russian-language version of GTTP’s Passport to the World: An Introduction to Travel & Tourism. We provide on-line materials that are approachable and attractive for students and teachers.

We participate in GTTP-run competitions and other activities designed to provide participants a better understanding of the travel & tourism industry, practical experience of research, project development and teamwork, opportunities to become more familiar with their own and other countries, and the opportunity to interact with teachers and students from other GTTP countries.

To support our growth we rely on a dedicated and talented staff, a fully involved board, and the active support of loyal volunteers.

To read student case studies of tourism topics in Russia click here.

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the director, Russia, is:

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