New Zealand

The GTTP programme was introduced to New Zealand through the Go with Tourism initiative, a government-funded programme that is encouraging great new talent into the tourism industry.

Prior to Covid-19, tourism was New Zealand’s number one export industry. Every year, international visitor numbers continued to increase and the demand for tourism workers skyrocketed, resulting in 40,000 workers being needed by 2030. However, nationwide research revealed a reluctance to pursue tourism as a career.

Go with Tourism was developed as an answer to these problems. Its modern approach to job search and recruitment – along with a host of programmes to educate the public on the wide range of career pathways available – makes it a key initiative to attracting great new talent to build the tourism workforce.

Education has always been an important element of our programme and Go with Tourism will be incorporating the GTTP Passport to the World and any future online courses throughout our educational activities which include:

  • Delivering a national GTTP training programme for secondary school teachers and tertiary educators
  • Promoting Passport to the World at our Go with Tourism Education Programme, which will see our regional coordinators visit schools throughout New Zealand to conduct session on tourism careers
  • Showcasing GTTP and the Passport to the World throughout our events such as the Go with Tourism Expos.

For more information please visit – www.gowithtourism.co.nz


the director, New Zealand, is:

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