GTTP Hong Kong SAR

GTTP Hong Kong SAR supports a new 3-year senior secondary elective program, Tourism & Hospitality Studies (THS, starting September 2009) which enables students to become good hosts, responsible tourists, sensible observers and well-prepared candidates for tertiary education, professional training and eventually promising careers in the industry. Since it began in 1993, GTTP has been actively promoting the recognition of the need for and value of tourism education for secondary school students in Hong Kong

GTTP Hong Kong SAR has worked closely with government bodies and industry leaders to provide training and industry support to the original 2-year elective program, Travel & Tourism (introduced in 1993 and which will run through 2010). Currently one-fourth of all secondary schools offer the program, a growth of over 300% since 1993. The introduction of THS signifies a further key expansion and recognition. It includes new learning areas (e.g., destination geography, customer relations and services, hospitality marketing, MICE) that are particularly important for equipping students for their future careers in the industry.

THS is administered by the government’s Education Bureau (EDB). Schools can choose to offer it in Chinese and/or English. The program comprises 270 hours of lesson time (over 6 academic terms from Form 4 to 6) and includes a public assessment which eventually form a part of the official Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education (HKDSE), recognised by all academic institutions and employers in Hong Kong. THS focuses on building up students’ generic skills, positive attitudes, conceptual knowledge and practical understanding of tourism. Students learn through lectures, role-plays, study projects, field trips and industry visits.

As of April 2010, GTTP Hong Kong SAR reaches 10,300 students from all 125 secondary schools offering the program in town. We are in good partnerships with the EDB, leading tertiary academic institutions and industry leaders to provide support to schools. We are introducing PASSPORT TO THE WORLD (a Chinese version plus the original English version) to assist better teaching and learning of the official curriculum. We also provide convenient and welcoming access to students to join GTTP’s competitions (essay writing and case study) to enrich their learning experiences. Numerous students have benefitted from the program through gaining additional recognition from tertiary program leaders and industry employers.

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the director, GTTP Hong Kong SAR, is:

  • Chammy Lau

  • Lecturer
    PolyU Hong Kong Community College (West Kowloon Campus)
    9 Hoi Ting Road, Yau Ma Tei, Kowloon
    Hong Kong SAR, China

  • Email: