GTTP Canada

Canada’s program is called the Canadian Academy of Travel & Tourism (CATT). It plays an integral role in inspiring Canada’s next generation of tourism leaders, building the skills, knowledge, and experience that will help students succeed in postsecondary studies, tourism careers, and entrepreneurial ventures.

The program introduces and promotes careers in tourism to high school students across the country. CATT is integrated into a participating school’s current curriculum and allows students to specialize in tourism through a successful work-and-study approach. The program can be offered at three levels, each reflecting different levels of student involvement: Level I, Level II, and Gold.

CATT is established in communities across Canada, and the team’s current focus is to ensure the program is promoted and offered in all regions, particularly Canada’s northern and Indigenous communities.

Materials developed by CATT for use by all GTTP member schools include: a manual for teachers to help them organize internships; a guide for creating communications links between students; and materials included in Passport to the World.

The CATT program was first launched in 1995 by the American Express Foundation and was housed under Tourism HR Canada. In 2007, CATT became a permanent Tourism HR Canada program. Tourism HR Canada is a national organization working for Canada’s vibrant tourism sector, a $88.5 billion industry employing over 1.7 million people, including over 500,000 youth. It promotes professionalism throughout the sector and addresses key labour market issues. Under its Emerit brand, it offers national occupational standards, online and printed training, small business tools, and Professional Certification programs.

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