GTTP Brazil

The mission of GTTP Brazil is: (1) to improve education in Brazilian public schools and invest in capacity building by training teachers; (2) to develop tourism-related instructional materials including books, games, instructor manuals and activities; and (3) to introduce young people to the Travel & Tourism Industry and its professional opportunities during that time in their lives when they are making career choices.

GTTP Brazil, previously known as AVT/IAP, partnered with the Brazilian Ministry of Tourism offering Caminhos do Futuro, an educational program that involved more than 140.000 students from 2007 to 2011.

Topics for students covered by the various texts included the structure of the Tourism & Travel industry, good citizenship, ethics, technology, customer service, culture and tourism, finance and administration for tourism. Teacher training lasted 30 hours.

GTTP Brazil collaborates with the University of Sao Paulo (USP), and with state and municipal schools through the Secretary of Education, mainly through Centro Paula Souza. USP faculty oversee the academic content and provide teacher training.


  • Centro Paula Souza


  • Sao Paulo Turismo S/A

  • Business 4 Travel

  • Panrotas Editora

the director, GTTP Brazil, is: