Asta Vegeleviciute

Every day Asta Vegeleviciute, Senior Receptionist at the Victory Services Club in London, draws on a wide range of skills and knowledge. Asta believes that qualifications are vital in order to get on, and is sure that her BTEC Diploma in Travel & Tourism helped to get her started in the industry. She also makes the most of the many training opportunities offered by her employer.

“I am a people person. helping customers is all that metters to me. In this Industry you get to learn about people’s cultures. Working with people is my dream job. The hotel industry is so varied that you get to learn a lot of new things, not just your own job role but from other departments too.”

In the UK there are lots of different Travel, Tourism, Leisure and Hospitality qualifications, such as Asta’s BTEC Diploma in Travel & Tourism. GTTP UK (part of the Springboard Charitable Trust’s Education programme) produces industry relevant educational resources for teachers and learners of these qualifications, and offers activities which help to open up employment opportunities for young learners. Asta is very grateful for this support and for the opportunity to attend Springboard’s Summer School which she says “offers a great, positive start for students. I urge students to attend Summer School; they could have the chance to change their life and kick-start their career to their dream job.”

Asta is very proud to work for the Victory Services club and of her achievement in obtaining rapid promotion. She loves feeling that she is part of a big family of staff members who help each other to work effectively together. Asta also enjoys the ‘feel good factor‘ that she gets from giving customers a great and positive experience from the moment they walk into the Club until she says goodbye as they leave. For Asta, there are never 2 days that are the same. Asta is determined to ensure she makes a success of her promotion to Senior Receptionist and to work hard to achieve her next career goal.

Asta’s advice to people entering the industry is to be knowledgeable (gain a qualification) and to be committed to giving the best service you can give to guests and the company you work for.

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