• Apr

    How the GTTP Has Changed My Life by 2010 Research Award Winner, Sandra Feng

    Sandra Feng was a research award winner of the Global Travel and Tourism Partnership in 2010, while studying at Ningbo Polytechnic in Zhejiang of her home country, China. This led to exciting new chapters in her life’s journey, as Sandra describes in this guest blog. Here she recounts how her GTTP experiences have made a strong impact…

  • Mar

    In Pursuit of My Dream, by Margaret Cheung, a GTTP Student Research Winner in 2011

    Margaret Cheung, of Hong Kong, was a research award winner of the Global Travel and Tourism Partnership while a student in 2011 at Lok Sin Tong Young Ko Hsiao Lin Secondary School*. She is now studying at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University’s School of Hotel and Tourism Management, a highly competitive program. In this guest blog, Margaret…

  • Feb

    Kyangala Girls’ GTTP Club in Kenya engages in planting and studying the environment

    In Kenya,  56 public secondary schools across 47 counties run the GTTP program as a Tourism Club, with over 800 students participating in total. The GTTP’s Passport to the World curriculum to introduce students to the travel and tourism industry is fully endorsed by Kenya’s Ministries of Education and Tourism.  Mr. Nzioka, GTTP Club Patron…

  • Feb

    A Force For Good

    By Michel Taride, Chair of the GTTP Advisory Board and Group President of Hertz International If you are considering a career in travel and tourism then I wish to reaffirm that you are looking at a truly exciting and rewarding industry to work in. Tourism is a Force for Good. It promotes tolerance and peace. It creates…

  • Jan

    Annual Student Photography Contest to capture “Something Special”

    The annual GTTP Photo Contest gives students a chance to take a photo of something unique or special in their country — a place, event or person that tourists should see. The contest is open to all students currently enrolled in GTTP schools in GTTP-member countries. There are cash prizes for the top three photos in…

  • Dec

    Revisiting Culinary Tourism – the GTTP Student Research topic of 2013

    This article highlights how Emily Zehnder, Sarah Zehnder, and Leigh Thompson, the Canadian GTTP student winners in 2013, progressed their GTTP research work this year, 2014. By Heather Brown, Teacher Sponsor, David Thompson Secondary School The theme of the 2013 Student Research Competition sponsored by the GTTP focused on food and culinary tourism in the participant’s home country. Twenty-two high…

  • Dec

    GTTP Brazil student conference on “The Future of the Tourism Professional”

    GTTP Brazil organized a student conference on “The Future of the Tourism Professional” as part of the World Tourism Day celebrations on September 27th this year. Mr. Vinicius Lages, Brazil’s Minister of Tourism, was the keynote speaker, inspiring a select group of students to search for knowledge relating tourism and innovation, and to think about…

  • Dec

    Students from around the world prove future is bright for travel industry at GTTP event

    By: Elizabeth Aston, Senior Advisor, Industry Affairs, Amadeus IT Group The GTTP annual student and teacher awards, which we hosted at the Amadeus Executive Briefing Centre in Sophia Antipolis, brought together gifted students from around the world to showcase their bright ideas to shape a sustainable future of travel. Twenty-two high school students from 11…

  • Nov

    Read all about this year’s student/teacher conference in Nice, France!

    This week 22 student winners from 11 nations are presenting their findings on “Technology and Sustainability” in travel destinations The Global Travel and Tourism Partnership (GTTP) is hosting its annual student/teacher conference at Le Meridien Nice in France from November 24 to November 28. Twenty-two high school students from 11 countries will share their finding…

  • Sep

    Always believe in your career dream: it can come true!

    From the GTTP to the Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel. The story of Yen Li Crishner Lam is a 11-year veteran instructor in GTTP Hong Kong’s program, which serves some 15,500 students in 155 schools. Earlier this year he took a class to tour the Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel, where one of his former students, Yen…