The GTTP’s first program was started in the United Kingdom. Programs were added in Ireland, Hungary, Hong Kong and Canada. The focus of the GTTP then shifted to developing countries where tourism is vital to the economy.

The original programs received funding to develop their curricula, provide teacher training, and establish the GTTP office and Director. As they matured and their programs became part of the national education systems, the GTTP’s funding and focus shifted to the new members. The original programs took on the role of mentor to the still-developing programs. This mix of developed and new programs benefits teachers and students through exchanges, sharing of curricula, and teacher training provided by experienced teachers.

Today, the countries that belong to the GTTP are:

Brazil, Canada, China, Hong Kong, Hungary, Ireland, Jamaica, Kenya, Russia, South Africa, and the United Kingdom. The USA is an affiliate member.

member countries/regions

GTTP Brazil


The mission of GTTP Brazil is to improve education , to develop tourism-related instructional materials and to introduce young people to the Travel &a...

GTTP Canada

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The Canada Program is called the Canadian Academy of Travel & Tourism (CATT) and in 2007 it became a permanent program of Tourism HR Canada, where...

GTTP China


GTTP China was launched first in Ningbo and is under the direction of Dr. Hanqin Zhang Qiu. Now students from across China are participating. Professo...

GTTP East Africa


GTTP East Africa includes Kenya and Tanzania. Our introductory curriculum, PASSPORT TO THE WORLD, was first piloted at the Makini School, one of Kenya...

GTTP Hong Kong


Since it began in 1993, GTTP has been promoting the recognition of the need for and value of tourism education for secondary school students in Hong K...

GTTP Hungary


There are 23 schools in 33 Hungarian cities that offer Travel & Tourism education courses that are part of the GTTP aimed at students aged 14 to 18 ye...

GTTP Ireland


GTTP Ireland supports an introductory online course called “Tourism Insight” which allows students to inform and explore social, economic and geog...

GTTP Jamaica


Jamaica typically welcomes more visitors each year than its population of some 2.7 million people. Travel & Tourism is perhaps the most important ...

GTTP Russia


GTTP Russia is housed at Junior Achievement Russia (JAR) and has grown rapidly since it became part of JAR in 2004. The Program’s schools have e...

GTTP South Africa


South Africa introduced Tourism as a school subject in high schools in 1996. Today more than 360 000 students study the subject as part of the nationa...

GTTP United Kingdom

United KIngdom

The GTTP UK is managed by the Institute for Travel and Tourism (ITT) as part of its work with young people seeking careers in the industry. The ITT is...

National Academy Foundation


NAF began its Academies of Hospitality and Tourism in 1986, when the first GTTP program was started in the UK. Today NAF has 82 Academies of Hospitali...