About GTTP

The GTTP’s mission is to expand Travel & Tourism-related educational and career opportunities for secondary school students at a time when they are making career choices, to develop their awareness of the importance of Travel & Tourism, the world’s fastest growing industry, to their country’s economy and the global economy, and to help them develop workforce-ready skills, attitudes, and information. GTTP’s curriculum,  Passport to the World, is an up-to-date and timely introduction to the industry.

To date, more than 2 million students have participated in GTTP programs around the world.

our goals

  • Use the study of Travel & Tourism to provide a quality educational experience for teachers and students through teacher training, curriculum development, and global collaboration.

  • Help students, parents, and communities understand and appreciate the importance of sustainable Travel & Tourism to their own well-being and that of the world at large.

  • Help students develop key competencies in areas such as critical thinking, problem solving, team work, written and oral communication that are critical to success not only in Travel & Tourism but also other technology and service industries.

  • Provide a strong link between business and public schools that helps students make informed choices about future careers.

  • Expand our members to include more countries where capacity building is critical to national development in regions such as South America, Asia, and Africa.

  • Help our current members expand to meet the demand for their programs in more schools.

  • Encourage businesses to invest in quality public education in the communities where they operate.

geographic focus

Having established our programs in developed countries like the UK and Canada, our focus is now on those countries where Travel & Tourism is an increasingly vital part of the economy, and where young people need to be part of a high-quality educational program emphasizing experiential learning.


The GTTP is a Travel & Tourism industry-supported program to foster future talent and tackle the global skills shortage. The strategy is to start new programs in countries that need and deserve it, help the programs become government supported and part of the established national curriculum, and then step back in a supporting role to the national and local educational systems.

The GTTP’s basic funding policies are as follows:

Help fund operations, curriculum development, teacher training and participation in global student-teacher activities. The GTTP’s introductory curriculum, PASSPORT TO THE WORLD, is provided to new members, who may translate it into their own language. The text is currently translated into Russian, Hungarian, Spanish, French, Portuguese, and Chinese.

Provide supplemental support for teacher training, operations and for participation in global student-teacher activities.

Support for participation in global student-teacher activities.

Fund projects that help the GTTP’s country Directors and the Executive Director share best practices and collaborate on the design of new teaching materials and teacher training programs.

Fund curriculum projects like PASSPORT TO THE WORLD, which all members are entitled to use.

Fund teacher training in assessment methodologies and the GTTP Certification program, endorsed by the Institute of Travel & Tourism (ITT) and the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC), that certifies those GTTP students who have successfully completed the PASSPORT curriculum.